2 more days to freedom

What irks me most, is people like you coming here for gossips. So peace out, you know you’re not going to get any (:



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21-Day Challenge – Day 2!

Hello all! I know it has been a longgggggggggggggg hiatus and I haven’t been here for like 9275234893095671923 days already but I’d like to share something with people who still read this space (surprisingly people still do read my humble little blog, I hope not for the wrong reasons though like gossips and all)!

I guess we are all in the midst of preparing for exams and everybody is stressed out. But take some time to read what I’m about to write below: Weng’s 21-Day Challenge!

Okay I was actually watching Youtube videos that day and I was inspired by this lady: antishay. Go take a look at her channel and videos! She is AMAZING. She lost 70 pounds in approximately 6 years. Though you might be thinking, huh 70 pounds in 6 years, so long?! But frankly speaking, in this real world today, it is not easy to lose weight when more than half of our times are spent in school or work, and after school or work, we just rush home to rest or go out with friends, which also means more food and possibly alcohol intake (Okay fine that’s just me on days when I feel like drinking).

So, in one of her videos, specifically the #77  weigh-in, she talked about a 21-day challenge. Basically, in these 21 days, you are supposed to set a goal or two and do it everyday for those 21 days! Apparently, a habit will be formed or broken if you consistently do it for those 21 days, interesting or what! These goals could be anything, like waking up at 8am everyday, or no coffee intake after 8pm, or ANYTHING!

Feeling inspired, I decided to take up this challenge as well! (In Barney’s words, only if you watch HIMYM you will understand – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!) And I did up my chart!

I decided to be alittle greedy, and came up with 3 goals for myself! (It is not recommended though because she said that we should concentrate on maybe 1 goal. But I decided to go for all 3 to practice self-control as well, yes because I’m flawed in many ways!)

Goal 1: Exercise EVERYDAY (at least a 30 minute run or resistance training)

I really miss the lifestyle I used to have in JC, when I ran so much it was pretty much an addiction. Anyway it is proven that it keeps one happy because of the endorphins that it produces in our bodies, and it keeps our minds fresh and healthy! So why not run right? Since it’s good for all of our bodies and keeps us happy lalalala!

Goal 2: No food after 10pm

If you knew the lifestyle I had in the past, suppers are a MUST practically every night! Hohohoho FAT WENG 😦 So BYE BYE SUPPERS HELLO HEALTHY WENG! This will help significantly because eating late means your food probably cannot digest as well, all your organs are sleepy at night too! So they can’t operate as well 😦 However, if you are REALLY VERY HUNGRY, you can take little snacks but keep it minimal because it’s not good to let your stomach starve as well.

Goal 3: Drink Plenty of water everyday (5 water bottles = 2 litres)

I’m sure everybody knows that we are all supposed to drink 8-10 glasses of water! And 8-10 glasses of water = 2 litres of water = 5 water bottles (for my water bottle). Drinking plenty of water is good as it raises one’s metabolism rate! Also, drinking water can keep you full and prevent you from binge eating (TRUE STORY). It also improves one’s complexion too! Helps out in dull skin and makes it brighter!

Today’s my Day 2! And it’s pretty successful. This retarded picture was taken after my run, all wet and sweaty and disgusting. & yes I know I look very ugly, it’s my naked face without make up but I’m loving it! Goal 1 and 3 achieved! Goal 2: unsure because I’m gonna stay up late tonight to study sooooooooooooooo we’ll see! And to those annonymous people reading my blog, go give it a try! I promise it’ll make you happy especially during this exam period! It will keep you fresh and you can concentrate better for exams!

PS. After this 21-day challenge, I’m gonna do a 28-day challenge! But that will be after my trip to Rome and Turkey, and after a friend’s competition and another friend’s wedding! It’s going to be a busy December!

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Lost in emotion

“I must learn to love the fool in me; the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries.”
– Theodore Isaac Rubin

I needed to know that I meant something, anything to you. But what I got was nothing. Absolutely nothing. And it’s funny the things you realize when someone walks away. At first, you feel as though it’s your fault. Feeling empty, and so close to falling apart. And then in time, you come to the realization that you did nothing wrong. That it’s his loss, that you are so much better without that one person who didn’t ever care. You live and you’ll learn, that’s how it is.

Laugh when you can, apologize when you should. Know that grudges are a waste of happiness. Let go of what you cannot change. Love deeply, forgive quickly, take some chances. Give all you have got. Always try to take things in your stride and smile when you’re feeling sad. Remember what you’ve got but also love and cherish what you have now. Give all that you have, because life is too short to be anything else but happy.


Goodnight world.

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Cherish & Believe

So I have thought through long & hard, it’s time. Well time for what, you’ll know when I update again.

I’ve thought about doing this since long ago, even though there’s many obstacles ahead. Now that I have decided, I still have many obstacles ahead, but that I’ll let future Weng handle it. I’ll do what I want to do now, my way & that’s final. I woke up this morning thinking through, if regret will appear in my head. Well like what XL said, no doubt at certain point I’ll regret, but it’s a matter of myself overcoming it.

Today didn’t turn out the way I thought it would be. Some things couldn’t stay, some things had to go. But like what I believe, better things can fall together.

No pain, no gain, no regrets.

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The calendar girl

So I read this from somewhere- I want to have a perfect summer, with lots of sunshine and someone special.

I think my summer has started out awesome & let’s hope it stays that way : ) I’m going to be busy with internship, my brother’s wedding and many more things. When I can finally breathe, I’ll be back. Till then, stay cheery.

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Happy (not yet) holidays

So, has life been good to you?

My life, other than the normal routine of studying, has gotten alittle more interesting. Even in the middle of the exam week, I’ve been kept real busy with friends. Like I said, it doesn’t feel like exams anymore, just feels like I’m going for tutorial lessons nowadays.

After three consecutive days of exam, I spent my Wednesday evening playing blackjack with friends. I realized, it’s probably one of the last few days spent in Sheares. It’s really funny that I don’t stay there, but I spent my last three years having some really great moments there. I’m really going to miss that place, the concept of school life seems so empty without it anymore.

Anyhow, I slept my Thursday away and met some friends in the night for supper. I learnt that someone close to me is going to get married end of this year. Of course I’m really happy for her : ) I know she’s really happy and I know she’ll be happy. But after 5 minutes of excitement, I realized it would also mean she won’t stay in Singapore anymore. So I won’t be seeing her as much, probably once a year. I got home at 3am pondering, suffering from an overwhelming feeling that it feels like I’m going to lose a friend. I couldn’t really sleep well that night from all the random thoughts in my head.

On Friday, I was planning to wake up early, run some errands, make a trip down to Vivo to book tickets for Iron Man 2 and study while waiting for the rest. But I found out that the timeslot that we wanted to watch was left with the front two rows. So we booked the tickets online instead. Still, I went down to Vivo early for a lunch date and enjoying the moments of walking around aimlessly. My attempt to study failed. Watched Iron Man 2, thought it wasn’t too bad, but not that awesome either. We went over to KFC for dinner. Met another friend halfway during dinner to calm his nerves down, thinking to myself it is the first time I see him this freaked out.

After three days of self-proclaim holiday, I planned to study today. I guess I don’t work well in the noon, so maybe later tonight, maybe.

It’s a really long random entry, but it’s the small little random details that keeps me happy.

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So many times, I said to myself


– I’m super excited for internship after exams! Time to shop for working clothes (:
– I can’t study without my highlighter ): which is a super duper waste of time
– I’m being forced to go out for supper even though I was getting ready to sleep

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